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With the advent of technology in renewable energy research, renewable energy such as solar energy has become a viable alternative energy source for business and personal applications.

Ai-nergy (pronouced as "i-ner-gy") specialises in solar energy product development, sales and system integration.  We will be able to help you in your journey to adopt solar energy to achieve long term cost savings in the long run for your business or pesonal applications.

Why Solar?

Majority of the world's electricity supply are generated from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.  Unfortunately, these traditional sources have several serious challenges such as increasing price, security concerns over dependence on only a small number of fuel producing countries, and growing environmental concerns over the climate change associated with serious pollution from burning fuels for energy.

Solar power has emerged as one of the leading renewable energy sources of electricity.  It has several advantages such as :

Cost Savings : Reducing dependence on fossil fuel which is expensive and of limited supply.

Clean source of energy : Unlike buring fossil fuels for electricity, solar energy generation is clean and environmentally friendly.

Reliable : The sun has been burning for roughly four and a half billion years now and is likely to be burning for another four to five billion years to come.  Every morning it will rise to light up one part of the world and vanishes for the evening while it lights up another portion of the globe.

Modular and Scalable : depending on needs, solar energy system can be sized to cater to different energy generating capacity and application needs.  It can be as complex as a solar farm or as simple as a portable solar power supply.

Solar panel farm


Solar Applications

Use of Solar Energy in Remote Areas

One of the important application of solar energy system is that it can be used for electricity generation in off-grid remote areas (such as national parks, nature reserves, remote homes) that cannot be reached by the power utility grid.  In such rural remote areas, adopting solar energy solution is definitely a more cost effective solution than laying expensive power lines.

Solar panel use in desert      Solar panel on rural remote house roof

Use of Solar Energy in Tropical Countries

In tropical countries blessed with an abundance of sunlight whole year round, solar energy is definitely one of the best type of renewable energy source.  Instead of complaining about the hot weather, why not harness the solar energy to reduce your fuel consumption, reduce your carbon foot prints and achieve cost savings.

Solar panel in rural remote village     Solar panel in urbanised settlement

Use of Solar Energy for Army Troops

In a battle fields miles away from the power grid, the troops traditionally depend heavily on diesel powered generators for their power needs.  This poses quite a few serious problems like

  • high running cost due to high fuel cost
  • high chance of fuel conveys being attacked due to more frequent replenishment trips
  • increase risk of being detected due to the noise generated by diesel generator

During the 2003 second Iraq war, the 1st Marine Division Commander commented that the troops found themselves outrunning their own fuel resupply lines repeatedly, forcing the troops to slow down in order to remain fully powered.

The benefits of using of Solar power has been proven in Afghanistan.  The benefits include

  • the use of solar energy systems cut down significantly on the use of expensive diesel
  • fewer convoys rolling across the dangerous roads means cost savings and, more important, reduced risk to Afghan and American lives
  • tactically advantageous as it is very quiet compared to diesel generator

solar energy use in military and army applications     military tent with solar cell

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